Website optimization weight included snapshot one less

is an important attribute of this website weight, each search engine optimization will face. Compared with the ranking in terms of weight, directly affect the site in the search engine rankings. The weights of the algorithm but also said the situation, but I also have some views on weight, after all, we should dry line love line, to delve into a line. Here and we talk about my understanding for some weight! You have little talent and less learning, mercy.

, understand the search engine in the eyes of the network


two, search engine and weight snapshot

, as we all know, search engine for web pages, and the PR value is for the website, but even Google has also said that this is a joke, we take a look at it. So we can see that in the search engine, "or their most basic unit, so how to improve the weight of a web page? We need to understand a little. Whether the chain, the chain or the text of the web site, are able to transfer the weights of the. In this way we can explain many sites outside the chain is not a hair you can put the rankings do go up, that is to say whether the station update or send the chain, in fact, as long as the master is as can improve the weight! Is actually very simple, a search engine for web pages out indexed by search engines this page will give a certain weight, "if this happens to be your site update, then through the chain will transfer to the home page, the first page of the weight lifting.

in my previous article also mentioned this point today as a key out to analyze. As the station to update our goal is to make search engines, because the only way to have effect. On the second collection I still have more experience to tell the truth, the seconds and weight are related, but the relationship is not inevitable. As a large and comprehensive portal websites, where published content will be easy seconds, precisely because their weight is very high, but I think a little more important problem is to update frequency. These sites are more new every hour and moment all day long.

you may wish to look at our blue bee technology website, launched less than three months, update snapshot. As the customer list more, relatively little effort to optimize the ranking is not ideal it is ashamed. Such a free hand to a good compensation to our website…… They pull away… Many people see update snapshot as the weights of the symbol is not rigorous. Our company website is a good example of how to manage it, not just regular update some of our original or false original articles, the search engine will be on time to visit, but if you update the snapshot update! Stop it, then we would have a snapshot firmly stuck in stop updating, adding a long time not update if so, the spider will reduce your site visit frequency, until your website can be regularly provide food. To recover often creeping habit.

search engine included in the weight of the relationship

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