Should pay attention to three points 404 error page design of the website internal optimization

should pay attention to the following three points in the design of the 404 error page:

web site operators do friends all know, because the website upgrade, system change, virtual host replacement and other reasons will lead to some pages can not be accessed, many friends does not seem to attach great importance to this one, always feel that even if it cannot access. But this website for Shanghai dragon internal optimization is taboo, especially search engines and included page, if cannot access the situation, in the course of time, the spider will think you this site is not stable, and unstable, also can’t tell why he lost this page, the next crawl where she.

more than two tips, best not to use text, pictures, this is to clear the way to tell the search engine specific error information. It is necessary to take into account the user experience, but also take into account the friendly search engine.

short, must be unified with the whole station phase in the design style, don’t let users into the 404 page, do not know where. The search engine more and more intelligent, more and more love the user experience good site;

(2) in the 404 page where the most eye-catching display detailed error information.

when the user enters the 404 page, the first time to see the detailed error information, clear up to prompt the user, you visit the page no longer exists.

so, personally feel that the website page does not exist, or can not access, you should find out the reasons, the existence of "recovery", can not be restored, it should set up 404 error pages to the site, tell the search engine spiders: the page does not exist, you can go to the next, friendly guide the spider to other pages of the site.

If there is a page header file

at the 404 error page design, design a not a simple page, or jump directly to the home page. This is just like the original to a good page to the spider, now you can just give a page to deal with, or simply directly to the home page. Who can not stand for this. We should always remember: always put the search engine as a human being, but also the guests, guests.

(1) 404 page pattern should be unified with the website.

also lists several possible causes of the problem on the page, for example, the page has been deleted, you entered the wrong address, the page has to jump to a new URL address.

(3) page error message provided below several internal links for users. >

website unified and page bottom file, then 404 pages also have the same header file and the bottom file; if the site does not have a unified head and tail, then it should be in the 404 page head plus the website logo and the name of the site.

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