An analysis of the basic ideas and methods of operation of website optimization

second, a good user experience. User experience according to different industries may have different experience, first website hue, medical network mainly in green, fresh tone. The sports website can be red, blue to active atmosphere tone as a benchmark, enterprise website solemn place mainly dominated by cool colors, cool colors can make people become professional and rational, with gray, blue as the representative. Shopping website highlighting the warm tone when people see sentimental point warm their brains to be touched, became emotional up to red, yellow based arouse people’s desire to buy, in the major shopping sites to celebrate the festival is most obvious. Secondly, the website structure, the structure can be taken on the lower, left and right, left and right can, in line with the user’s reading and browsing habits are the key to pay attention to in the head and the left part of the page is the key entrance spiders visit to the appropriate use of article list >

is mainly engaged in the operation and optimization of the enterprise stand, the previous articles and share a little more about the rankings and optimization strategy for enterprise station, especially for the new site optimization, optimization method is very important, today I like and we talk about the basic method of website optimization, it should start from the novice where. Well today we enter the theme, website optimization of the basic ideas and methods of operation.


first, site location, topic Description Description tag. First of all, the author proposes the optimization for the new station site before, first of all to the website have a clear positioning, mainly includes the level positioning industry, as far as possible the establishment of the relevant industry website, including website industry color, professional degree. Secondly, our products or services, including the sale of products, in order to obtain the flow or in order to expand the company or brand new products, these are must be carefully inspected and their hearts should be clearly defined. According to the above two points, the construction of our website, the website construction process to the above two ideas into consideration, in the website construction, the three major label is written the thing we are most concerned about, as the title tag covers the website keywords, the keywords and advertising slogans combined with stationmaster net for example, A5 webmaster website admin5贵族宝贝 | will see the webmaster webmaster information and service center. We can find the first covers the main keywords A5, Admin5, webmaster, webmaster website main keywords, secondly, advertising language is the webmaster must see the website, the slogan is the webmaster information and service center. Only the organic combination of these words will not seem too stiff and will not be search engine as suspected of cheating, that title not more than 30 Chinese Chinese characters. Keywords tag can be appropriate to extend the main keywords as the core, pay attention to the number of not more than 3, will be the main keyword and description tags include extended auxiliary keywords, composed of fluent and natural words. For keywords and description tags do not stack, patient, good grasp of the scale is the key.

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