A preliminary analysis on the bidding way to show the love of Shanghai

1, in general, show the best is "on the left side of the advertising space, and because the natural search and there is no significant difference, but also to the greatest extent, to attract customers, increase traffic, so the location of the show is the most superior effect.

Is the right location of

3, in the appropriate scope for promotion, we all know that Internet search is a certain geographical restrictions, but also to be able to cause net interest, lift the public’s curiosity and want to know what this is, then access to.

3, the worst, because the general customer habits rarely pay attention to the right content, the right information would not be so quick to be concerned, click on the amount can not go up, the less income. So this position to show the effect of the worst.

, the first search results, the left upper end of the web advertising position, show the location of ads to the right position is the most common way, also is in love with some other software under the sea. For example, Shanghai Shanghai love know love experience, will also have certain display information, which is a way of showing love for promotion to Shanghai. Of course, it is to show the way is not immutable and frozen, at different times, different areas, according to the key words of traffic and the corresponding price to generate the corresponding changes, so as to reach the same show effect.

above is a preliminary analysis for operating lighthouse love Shanghai bidding way, hope the above content for you >

second, show the different position of the effects is not the same.

1, nature is the key words can be normal to search keywords, which means that enterprises must be valid must be embodied the core information, the price is not lower than the lowest price.


2, the current account must be a valid account, at least account amount to more than 0.

to do a job or use some software, we always hope to use the most suitable way, the easiest way to get the best effect, then Shanghai is no exception for sex. Love Shanghai auction as a promotion platform, show the daily volume is very large, especially the Wangmeng promotion, it must determine whether it is suitable for the keywords in the shortest possible time, the most rapid and simple enterprise information presented to the user’s eyes, that is to say it is a convenient and effective way to show. For the love of Shanghai auction show the way you know how much? The following operations to beacon for everyone to summarize.

2, "the top position in general position at the top of the customer can see at a glance, should be better, but because of its difference with natural search is more obvious, so less than the left.

finally, the show has a position, the enterprise will naturally want information presented in front of customers, so what is the normal presentation of


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