The snapshot is not a representation web site update snapshot right from the start

love encyclopedia explains that the search engine server storage site snapshot of the main factors, in order to facilitate the user when not open the site, also can quickly browse to the content of the website. So, generally as long as the website content is updated, the theory search engines will be updated website snapshot. So, the premise of website content update snapshot, enrich website content. However, not every update, the search engine will update snapshot. A search engine has updated its own law, different website according to different weights. The frequency of updates is different (some big website basically is the second most common site, just a day update several times a week or even a month to update a few times); on the other hand, each release content. The search engine is not zhaodanquanshou, content not included the existing snapshot would certainly not updated.

search engine is undoubtedly the preference for quality content more, especially the one and only the original content. A website to release several original content every day, the spider slowly will often crawl retrieval, update frequency snapshot of the site in the course of time will naturally follow the pace of updates. If the content of adequate quality, and the number of seconds enough, all is possible. The opposition and the quality of the original content of the website, a large number of duplicate copies of the taboo reproduced, especially qiatouquwei pseudo original. Maybe at the beginning of the one or two, occasionally false original article will soon be included, but not always. When the search engine update, repeat too much, as will be eliminated, but also affect the website weight.


, a high quality original content

has repeatedly stressed that the website snapshot is a search engine included in the site of a record of the date, there is no need to go too, and some search engines such as Google deliberately withheld the snapshot update date. But things on the other hand, from the foot has occurred examples can prove that there is a link with the site weight snapshot. Website ranking, website weight high, snapshot update frequently; which means that the website snapshot withdraw file has been or will be right down, return date can certainly have some practice is not appropriate; some website long time not updated snapshot, at least that the site is not too much new content. If continue to publish new content, the website still lasting not update, that is a very dangerous signal, probably the right of the site is down. When exchanging links, also have a snapshot update request, website snapshot is not visible representation, web site should also update snapshot start right. Shanghai website construction company pilot technology that snapshot to frequent updates, and at least the following three factors are closely related:


two, stable rules update

website content update is learned, not as long as the quality of content will frequently update snapshot. Attention to the website construction or site optimization friends will know each.

According to the Shanghai Although the search engine

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