How to push the field such as the battlefield find a way out in the Shanghai dragon competition

, a rival

analysis of competitors, then here is to choose keywords to the site, when in fact choose keywords, it is best not to choose those tough competitors choose keywords, finally choose some relevant keywords to target keywords and long tail keywords, skip, some friends may feel is the target keywords can bring a lot of traffic. Of course, this is correct, although the target keyword can bring a lot of traffic, but.

may have some friends to see me in the crowded competition we want talent shows itself is not difficult, there may be some friends started to think, how to find a way out in the Shanghai dragon circles such as the battlefield? It is actually very simple, here I have to share with my years of experience:

keywords and competitorsWhen we finished Analysis of

I just said that now do any products, are likely to encounter some more tough more powerful opponents, some owners may see this competition website is not confident, always think oneself is impossible beyond his, of course, the webmaster think so also youqingkeyuan, although we could not go to the short time beyond these tough competitors, but we in the search engine has a particularly good secret weapon used, slowly to catch up with tough competition, this secret weapon may we all already know, but the real use of the owners and small businesses from less, some owners may see some worry here in fact, this is a secret weapon and privilege analysis of competitors, one is the biggest advantage of information opening in the search engine, not The other side website what we can use the search engine to see and do the investigation and analysis, so the analysis of competitors is relatively simple in the search engine, so when we’re running a site, don’t be in a hurry to define key words, do not worry to modify the site layout, we must first have a thorough understanding of competitors’ war cloud: before being victorious, so we have to close the enemy, after a method.

now every webmaster, every enterprise slowly began to focus on the Shanghai dragon, the reason is very simple, Shanghai dragon can reach to bring traffic to find customers, and save money without what investment, so the Shanghai dragon has slowly become dominant means of network promotion, although Shanghai dragon has many benefits, but also has many disadvantages. For example, every webmaster of each enterprise’s product is different, we do in Shanghai dragon, will inevitably see competitors in the same industry, such as security products or business owners, looking at numerous competitors, sometimes will tremble with fear because feel no strength, website and competition enough ranking, so push the field such as the battlefield now, want to find a way to make a living in Shanghai Longfeng circle theory is very difficult, but It is talent shows itself is not impossible to actually in these dense competitors.


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