Shenzhen Shanghai Dragon depth analysis of love Shanghai know that the chain skills

2, with a link to no more than three times a day, too easily blocked.

this move on the same link can use roughly five times (Shenzhen Shanghai dragon test income more than five times), submitted by the rate will be much lower.

three, love Shanghai know to stay outside the chain of skills



love Shanghai know the promotion effect, see below, search for "what Shenzhen Shanghai dragon company", the second is love love Shanghai Shanghai know, know well, direct mean flow and conversion rate. It can be said that love is the best site of Shanghai know the long tail place.

taboo love Shanghai


, a Shanghai

5, can be said, but the answer is best for the account and delete the Cookies, you can change the best IP.

QQ has a direct link with QQ and QQ is the name of two ways, there are limits to the former, the latter does not matter, consider using the latter.

love Shanghai know to stay outside the chain, is a work, engineers will do the following Shanghai dragon, Shenzhen Shanghai dragon will provide you with in-depth analysis of love Shanghai know to stay outside the chain effect, precautions, and examples.

good luck, bad luck is sad. Be on basic is impossible. But if it is not, you can learn on the way, add a baidu贵族宝贝/.

The use of

2, leave direct link.

3, QQ


4, XX贵族宝贝

in Shanghai love to know to stay outside the chain is a difficult thing, because love knows Shanghai itself is the long tail of treasure, if unchecked, is likely to become a piece of advertising rotten, so, love Shanghai very strict audit link. The chain in Shanghai love to know, you need to understand the following:

index: * * * to be

The number of

1, the problem to be solved is to answer the value chain is easy.


4, do not answer and leave the chain with the same account, especially for the same link.

easy index: * *

know the promotion effect of love

3, with a senior account left lower than the account to stay outside the chain link easily through much. Practice shows that more than five success rate of over 80%.



1, in reference to stay outside the chain.

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