Three point method for a high quality space

choose a good space are important to the webmaster and Shanghai dragon er who, because of a high quality space not only is of great help to the Shanghai dragon, but the user experience is also very friendly, but now on the market of IDC company so much, can be said to be ichthyosaurs mixed, want to choose a quality space is really difficult, high Wenliang say today I is how to choose a good space.

ultimate method: look at the same space website

to the contrary, those who do long IDC, they can persist for so many years must have their management method, also do not go to the poor, at least not that kind of money can not find the space business people.

IDC company website

buy space is also a kind of online shopping, we are the consumers, so we will be influenced by the price, always buy high quality low price space thinking, especially most of the webmaster all in the hands of more than one station, if the space of a slightly higher prices, then the cost is increased by a large margin, but the rational think about it, this is unlikely: space operators to make money, they will provide you with quality service to get a little money? But expensive is not necessarily good, so how to choose when the price of the dragons and fishes jumbled together?

this method is very effective, but also more common, generally speaking, I will ask friends, friends told you is good reputation, and friends won’t lie to you, so this is certainly not bad to go; if you have some mix of more familiar QQ group, ask the inside of the net friend in general, you can go and see.

before they give you some space on the server site to you, then you look at the site time, the weight of the site to site, the best time is relatively long, weight is of course better, if you find a very high weight station can choose to immediately buy.

in addition, some people you trust can also be recommended, if only in Shanghai dragon why recommend a virtual host, high Wenliang believe to buy it must also have the instant surge, high weight website similar to our Shanghai dragon to give you an anti chain, bring the feeling of spider kazakhstan.

look at the same space website, this is my ultimate method, which is to determine the best this space is often the standard of downtime.

the reason is very simple, a website is not often downtime >

Let’s buy

IDC’s website time? Because many bad space business selling space is very cheap, 2, 30 dollars a year, but you will find that they often can not get through the phone, not open space to find people to solve, they all belong to the kind of shot for a place that, so Gao Wenliang believes their website would not have long time station.

Why do you want to see through word of mouth

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