8 important factors that influence the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng bottleneck

what factors will lead to the bottleneck of

theory often is the action of Siwon in action before we tend to have a theory of imagination and the expected effect, when the operation of certain operations, often affected by some theory, think that just as long as this operation, you can see the effect, but after the operation, what are not, this are often too theory of self enrichment, so expectations are too high, which has caused huge deviation in action.

then these factors really hinder us to a higher stage? So natural factors, is the outward diffusion of the origin, if oneself do not have a good mentality quality, where can seriously to find the problem itself, so as to solve the problem, get rid of the bottleneck. The bottleneck from the source itself seems to affect the level of our.


Shanghai dragon Er have the problem often is the new Shanghai dragon Er, optimization of the site did not experience pattern of broad, more likely to encounter the bottleneck of low level, not to mention those competition difficult operation bottleneck, often a small technical code optimization can make a no empirical studies on the optimization for several days. This is often a lack of experience, the operation is unable to start, a little bit of exploration, progress is very slow.

2. experience


love Shanghai launched, in this period is too high in the above hope, Jane would have thought for Shanghai dragon behavior and result in huge difference.


then… .


‘s own factors.

of Shanghai dragon remember reading a book called third, mentioned in the book have a point of view, that is a lack of Mr. Chinese, called mr.. This seems to say some Chinese often do not care about so much, but does not seem to be working on more demands on themselves, Shanghai dragon is the same, some Shanghai dragon Er, to a certain extent, feel it, almost on the line, it is not complacent, is almost on the line, this is can, have higher requirements on their own, in this market, not your mind and the market in the old driver so much, but knowledge is very broad, requirements for industry, competition, information, analysis and so on are more stringent requirements, if a new Shanghai dragon Er, you can almost always feel then, finally.

1. restricted

Mention the anchor text a the most important new algorithms such as pattern This seems to be the most

optimization is a long-term process, in this process, there is suffering from so impetuous, opinionated we own human weakness. Jane Shanghai Longfeng that seems to be an important obstacle to our bottleneck.

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