Beautiful said the website of Shanghai Longfeng analysis Beautiful said why do Taobao customers s

Group page. These pages are created by the user, the product inside is the users themselves inside, it allows users to vote, with a strong originality.

Shop page. The classification of different products on Taobao Taobao store, the user can enter the specific selection of other products with Taobao shop shop.

share page total included 99 million, 20% said to the beautiful site to bring flow;

group page contains 6 million 200 thousand to 10%, said the beautiful site bring flow;

Guang page. Different products website classification, classification of all below are on the Guang page, a large number of products for the promotion of the website, the use of unified product classification, the website can prevent confusion.

said the beautiful Shanghai dragon

said the beautiful website included quantity



said the beautiful website main page

Guang page contains 100 thousand to 5%, said the beautiful site bring flow;

topic page contains 4 million 100 thousand, said to the beautiful website >

traffic statistics included the beautiful main page of the website


beauty is the largest Taobao guest website, it is mainly to help the seller through Taobao search engine promotion commission. It includes: clothing, cosmetics, Home Furnishing, said the beautiful PV6000 million a day to day + about 6000000 IP into its website. Beautiful love Shanghai website included the amount of up to 98 million, Google included the amount of up to 1 million 200 thousand, soso included the amount reached 120 million.



disappeared in the world a lot of Taobao guest website on the occasion, the legendary Taobao off the beautiful natural full of difficulties, a strong momentum, love Shanghai 8, become the largest Taobao guest website. Beautiful said the website of Shanghai dragon is fierce, why can achieve such a degree to reach the peak of perfection in just three years time, Zhang Qiya said to see beautiful website of Shanghai Longfeng analysis.

home page. When we log beauty website home page, /welcome will automatically turn to the page, it is beautiful to say the website users and non users distinguish members of the steering member. From the search engine included, said the beautiful home snapshots are still the main domain of it, that this shift is only for ordinary users.

Brand page. Brand pages are classified according to the different brands, and different brands are introduced, the user needs to meet the pursuit of brand.

beautiful website

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