The rapid increase in several methods of site outside the chain is very effective

is the first method: this method is suitable for the enterprise station. Enterprise website update website ranking is relatively small, mainly by Links and chain. The chain of this enterprise website to increase recruitment website also is some talent recruitment information website. Someone will ask, if the enterprise does not need to do, this is actually very easy, if the enterprise is not hiring you released the information, when applying for people to call, say people have enough of it. It can be divided into different time different release recruitment information, and stay the same. We know the talent of many sites, and a lot of talent acquisition sites are relatively large talent recruitment information to other sites, so the site outside the chain will increase a lot.

second method: this method is suitable for fiction website. We now know that the network fiction website very much, but if the flow is large enough not live long, because I have read the novel, but I see in this year has turned off the big four or five novel flow station. When reading novels we usually see in the novel’s website address will appear between the lines, it has two purposes, the first is to let the readers deepen their understanding of the domain of memory, and the second is the website of the chain. There will be strange, but this is not the chain within the chain. In fact, in the novel collection site very much, a novel site outside the chain Bashijiwan I saw, I found out that his chain of almost all others and get his website collection. From this we can think of it this way, if you spend money to make a stand in the novel content with their own station links, is not only can increase the number of foreign chains but also can directly increase the site visits.

The chain ranking website

on a website is essential. The best describes the content for the chain for emperor king said that the importance of the foreign chain. I also like many webmaster friends, often global forum, the forum post, the top post, then the forum signature and links to your web site. But I am a very lazy person, I think there should be some other methods that can save labor. So this time I studied many sites outside the chain, found a few I think the site outside the chain increased relatively good, but not every kind of website application, I give your summary as follows:

third method: this method is suitable for some special websites. This is my extended from an adult site and thought. In the promotion of adult websites by many are registered users, and then let the user to the local post, through links to how many people visit, then you can expand the permissions. I believe there will be a lot of people to improve their own power to each of the local forum or Post Bar to post, this can give site outside the chain of great growth. Some people say, this is not the promotion of adult website? I don’t have to do that? Of course not, don’t do it! For example, the recent fire.

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