Ceng Yirong starting from your dream are you the same kind of person as meWang Tong 6 techniques to

you may not be programmed or promoted, but you are full of dreams that will someday have a little or a lot of impact on the world. Maybe you thought you might be the next Jobs or Zuckerberg, but you’re still as busy as I am. Maybe one day in the future, there will be a person really came to ask you: "do you want to move a brick, or come with me and change the world?" perhaps after people started your creation, is that "more than $one billion cool things in legend".

do foreign trade should pay attention to this detail, if you do foreign trade business network marketing, your advertisement also don’t choose to show in China, so as to avoid your competitors for malicious click on you. At the same time, you can accurately according to their potential customers in the region, precise choice of countries and regions, is conducive to reducing costs, so that advertising more accurate.


skills two: Launch countries and regions to select precise



skills of four, keywords do not according to their own imagination to choose


index different countries in different time zones, different schedules, so your advertising display time according to your potential customers after setting up, you can also reduce advertising costs. For example, my Adwords ads on some foreign trade projects closed down on Sunday and Monday. Because through the past observation, these two days are some European and American countries Saturday and Sunday, although advertising has effect, but the conversion rate is relatively low, so it is set in two days without putting in. Also, for the daily delivery time, you can also choose settings, this should be based on their business situation and target, potential customer characteristics set.

from the idea of instant communication and formed website prototype

dramatically reduces the cost of Adwords advertising

knows not equal, detail decides effect,

keyword is very important, so do not choose according to their own imagination, because you may be thinking habits and your customers are different, especially the foreign trade, the gap is more obvious. So, choose keywords, must use official residence, choose precise keywords. Select keywords, you must through keyword analysis tools, select a series of precise keywords. Remember, be careful.

if it’s not the time to save the world, then what time is it,

me >

micro-blog: Sapherise is currently seeking investment and partners.

keyword tool: https://adwords.shlf1314/select/KeywordToolExternal

I don’t know which of the above is the next one billion I missed, and I don’t know if the list of things I’m doing right now is the right direction. Just the idea is a bunch of zeros. The figure in front is 1, and it’s 0. The gap is very far. Whether you stay focused or react quickly, expect it to be a real solution, enough to keep you going.

this article is contributed by the author: Ceng Yirong, founder of Nian.so, currently in Nurun Shanghai.



my university four years just to play the game, big 4 was suddenly shouted to friends start to do B2C, do what two weeks didn’t get out to die, go to a friend and practice, I keep a heart get out of hand, and finally embarked on a road of entrepreneurship.


at first, I was going to make a social network without cats, dogs, funny maps, and gossip. Later, while doing, want to, simply upgrade, do "big battle in summer" in the OZ world, create numerous rooms, you can exchange in the instant, games and work. Later, I would like to do domestic tasks, rabbit, do a connecting human supply and demand task platform. What I’m doing now is the process of recording dreams, playing web sites, and through a lot of game making mechanisms to make people more active in the process of pursuing dreams.

One of the

through the content network brings traffic is very huge, but the quality is very low, very uneconomical. So close this, at least can help you introduce more than 50% of advertising costs, high or even save 90%. When I first put in, the ad consumed wildly, and then closed the content network, advertising dropped by 90%.

techniques: to shut down the content network, or to make the content network individually priced,

, are you the same kind of person as I am,

a person, not PS and CSS, will not PHP, nor heard of jQuery, will not promote the operation, not to mention viral marketing, do not know what the concept of servers and clouds. Three months later, my personal website ran the line.

skills three, to target customers in the region, set the delivery time

, if your Adwords advertising effect is not good, conversion rate is low, must be your advertising settings in many details settings are not in place. Here to share a few skills, you can bring two benefits:

greatly improves the conversion rate of Adwords advertising


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