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‘s timing is fleeting, and now unicorns walk to the gates of the stock exchange. Don’t open the door again, I’m afraid the high valuation can not stand the competition of the market, the more drag the less valuable.

focus here, see the big buyers of the Ali Mama, Alipay, YAHOO, YAHOO, Taobao and mailbox, Ali mother husband Alibaba to buy their own products to support their own. The real active advertisers do not seem to have much, and a few exchanges between the webmaster. The present situation is: the website, actually don’t need such a model, because many advertisers to buy their advertising; grassroots website, hang the Ali Mama advertising, buyers will buy only once, and then No one shows any interest in the.. Although YAHOO will default to the bidding advertising, but the effect is not good, statistics is less and less, not later, I put the code removed, even every day there are one or two clicks, I feel sorry to put up, even two days without data, third days before returning to normal

gold listing period

then talk about the million. Billion to a product of Mary billion company, and Yiqifa alliance is a company, 04 years on-line network alliance, which has developed rapidly in recent years, is now relatively large domestic network alliance. There are good buyers advertisers on the basis, just don’t know if he can do well

payment method

is among the "market rumors list" of the enterprise are: Sogou, deft, beautiful group reviews, today’s headlines, drops, Uber, Airbnb. Apart from Uber and Airbnb, who have long been on the list of "foreigner friends", we found that several domestic unicorns were established between 2010 and 2012.

direct advertising: billion to 80% return to the site will be divided into the main, retain 20% of the revenue as a service fee.

after the four round of restructuring, the group comments finally formed now "three carriages" Architecture: beauty and wine business group travel review platform merger, the establishment of the U.S. delegation and wine business group travel review platform; platform for public comment to the shop and comprehensive business group merger, establishment review platform and integrated business group, and this has been the complete integration of catering platform, namely the U.S. group comment takeaway.

has gone to the gate of the market,

is to provide billion advertising transactions are divided into two types: billing for advertising, direct advertising

A "fast

service charge

million sue and Ali mom are advertisers and advertisers directly facing the advertising trading platform, can allow buyers advertisers and sellers Publishers easily find each other.

in February 7th will be the year the United States IPO" message has been discovered, although the official denied this news on the same day, but quickly and Sogou, Beauty Group reviews and other company fought the market rumors point to a problem: 2017 will be listed technology companies a year

, after five or six years of development, may be a good time for these companies to come on the market this year.


for the moment, what it needs to worry about now is the impact of domestic policy on its valuation. At present, it seems that the policy will not go to the beneficial direction of the drop, so as soon as possible listed to ensure that it can get higher valuations.

capital winter is good for the development of these unicorns. Some competitors were unable to secure financing and were trapped, giving the unicorns a breather.

Ali mother – monthly, monthly time is 15, the settlement cycle is a whole month, Alipay to pay, no minimum payment limit

drops the same. Last year, Bloomberg and Reuters have cited sources point of view, one is 2017, one is 2018, drops will be listed in the United states. Although drop chairman Cheng Wei said in an interview after the listing of no period, but drops as the domestic travel market is the only "Big Mac", in the domestic market has no Uber competition, consider the listing is also very natural.

how long does Ali’s mother plan to pay out of his own pocket? How can we make it profitable for our small and medium station owners? I think he needs to solve it.

currently provides billing Ali mother in two ways: long time and billing, click billing, we only for ad sellers charge a transaction fee, namely advertising transaction amount, long time and billing: 8%, click billing: 15%, for example: you sold a piece of advertising, a week the price is 500 yuan, then the seller as you need to pay 500*8%=40 yuan, you get direct revenue for 460 yuan.

from our grassroots webmaster point of view to compare a few parameters:

bidding ad: million will be divided into 70% of the proceeds to the site owner, retained 30% of the proceeds as a service charge.



million – – week end, bank, the minimum amount of 100 yuan


there’s no doubt that Ali’s mom is an innovator and a million is an imitator,

beauty group comments insiders said the Phoenix, after the adjustment, the flow of mature business driven by new business U.S. group comments led wine tour, the public comments led to the shop, takeaway alone development of comprehensive business. According to the previous U.S. group comments, CEO Wang’s statement, except to sell, the U.S. group commented on other businesses have achieved profitability, and its IPO is also good.


to the United States group review, for example, in October 2015 and public comment after the merger, with more than two years to digest the merger, business architecture gradually clear, you can put more energy on the IPO.


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