English glossary of foreign advertising alliancesThe website allows users to make money at the first

impression: launch and the number of pages visited?

check: check minimum payment: minimum payment

, web, site, category:, home page category, accountinfo: account information,

How many times did

end of Paid Links: ends the paid link

CPC Cost Per thousand Click: click the thousand costs, online advertising per thousand advertising costs


security question: retrieve password question

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instant cash paid sign-up: register to make money


The After

become amember: becomes a member of access your account: login personal account

check your stats: view revenue cheat link: cheat link

believe that station comrades joined the most advertising alliance, but most of them are still doing it. But some of the domestic good alliance is abroad. The station are also poor can only know half a English words. I also included. So in order to do foreign alliance webmaster provide a point practical data hard. I collected from every corner of a few words over. For your reference. I want the reward is able to send out in the webmaster online, and can give me a new www.52vg.net chain. I will do.

confirm: confirms create an account: to apply for a new account

counter: counter submit registration: submits

update: update application: application

, where, we, can, send, your, check:, cheque, mailing address

, like most webmasters, I make only one goal – making money. After investigation and analysis, I finally chose to be a network agent for health care products. After the theme website is done, still specially requested SEO master to do optimization, although every day sh419 will bring a lot of directional flow, but business has not improved. A lot of money put in, but in exchange for this effect, really let me very distressed.

from this page, we can see that there are two very conspicuous download hints on the top and bottom of the page, and the unsuspecting Internet users will not hesitate to go in. But these two links are in fact advertising products, the real download address of the software has been placed in a very inconspicuous place.

login name: user name characters: characters

agreement: protocol,

yesterday, when I was chatting with a webmaster friend, I put my doubts forward. After he saw the website, he just said one sentence: "want to order, let the user can see your product at first glance.". I then put your site and his site to do a lot of comparison, found himself is not a single volume, the main reason is the theme of the site is not prominent, visitors come here to find the product information in the shortest time. Since most Internet users are from sh419, if they don’t get a satisfactory answer in a short time, they will certainly switch off the browser and open the next search results.

category: class logo out: exits the system

although this page has a strong sense of induction, but still very good statement of the friend’s words. If we do the website to sell the product and the service, then must let the user open the website, can see them at the first glance, because does not have a net friend to be willing to look at the dizziness website to leave one second.

, the author has observed and analyzed the famous large websites, and found that they all pay great attention to highlighting products with striking ways. Here is a software download page of a download station.

site category: site class web site description: home page description

web site address: home address withdraw:, apply for payment of

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