The latest method of applying shlf1314 Adsense analysisDiscussion customer and information sources o

just got a GG number the day before yesterday. Already hung on the refers to the quality of web pages, which they value more. Stations that collect and pile up are obviously hard to approve. Then we can look at other people’s company pages, do very beautiful, simple, just a few pages, but such a station will be GG recognition. So, there are ideas, you go to the Internet and more reference to the company’s pages are how to do, and then imitate yourself to do a similar station to go to apply for adsense. Recognition is still very large.

  by Chongqing Bureau of information industry, Chongqing business newspaper, Tencent jointly organized the first Chinese Regional Internet Development Forum on November 2, 2006 – 4 day held in Chongqing. Chongqing industry representatives, representatives of well-known domestic enterprises, media representatives, industry customers, nearly 300 people attended the event. Tencent webcast.

the following scene, guests discuss questions

question: I am a global manufacturing network Wu Xian, I want to have a problem of Professor lu. In our industry Alibaba is the boss, he is a national and even a global e-commerce platform, I want to ask the professor, as we like such a platform, we have to do from the regional vitality and value? Thank you

everyone knows it’s much harder to apply for shlf1314 than it used to be. A lot of friends react and do not apply for accounts. Especially for friends who have been sealed, it feels even more difficult. At present, the shlf1314 Adsense is worth noting as follows:

1. first you need to prepare a domain name that has more than 6 months to register. This was mentioned many times when GG refused to reply. This is actually easy to get. .CN domain name, one yuan, one more. It’s easy to trade on ename. Domain names don’t have to be, like.CN. or.INFO.

3. the other way is to let people out of the corn and the web content, and then you take it directly to the application, such as GG reply to tell you need to confirm when all rights of corn, all of you to contact the corn, then let him help you identify corn all rights issues. This is currently on the market to help others on behalf of GG registered in the widespread use of this method.

all right, don’t say anything superfluous. This is the latest and best way to apply for GG. Pass rate can be said to be more than 95%. Good luck to all of you.

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