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advertising alliance to create a grassroots webmaster, Wangzhuan carrier "theme campaign is underway, look forward to your participation in ~~

in the Innovation Park geeks conference, Luo Yonghao said the hammer mobile phone will not launch a thousand machines, which indicates that he should be at the same time in revenue and shipments hit two on the battlefield, and the hammer mobile phone the high degree of concern than the earlier rumors shut down ZUK three or four line brand just across a Luo Yonghao.

8336 8336/ to A5 Advertising Alliance Forum Organization "to create a grassroots webmaster, Wangzhuan carrier" theme campaign, with personal Internet experience as the background, around the "Wangzhuan" topic, share personal income Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, skill, style or in Wangzhuan problems in the process or experience to the readers empathy, or let readers have a reference.

Luo Yonghao at the


hammer mobile phone last year deep financial crisis, finally completed financing, the "big mind genius product manager Luo, in the popular and money morning and others quarrel, we can see his ideas has undergone subtle changes. T3 Luo has released education opinions but money: "this morning to victory", re financing in the future, "the hammer mobile phone must find some different places to live", a direct consequence of this idea is the birth of Bigbang and OneStep such innovation, and today’s capsule, indirect consequences is out of money morning 2/3 technical team.

never has a mobile phone to bear nuts such difficult and complex mission, according to HUAWEI Yu Chengdong said, the future of intelligent mobile phone will remain the three major manufacturers, small mobile phone implication has no future, and Luo Yonghao will double bearing, hammer mobile phone best annual shipment record is about 1000000, this year to achieve 400-600 million the target pressure, as can be imagined the first new machine nuts pro,

1.: first prize 1, 1000 yuan in cash

: 2011-7-8 – 8-5 12:00

from the press conference, the core competitiveness of nuts is shifting to Smartisan OS, deliberately strengthening front end interactive experience aspects of innovation. With HUAWEI labs on a variety of tall research and millet focus on strengthening the patent is different, hammer phone focused on the user can quickly perceive innovation, which is typical of 42 stroke jin.


2011-8-5 –8-14 12:00

published: August 15th


Internet is a miracle can be created, is a gold mine, a gold Amoy to here, people are still exploring the method of gold. And you, long on the Internet, if you gain their gold

submission time

has already overdrawn personal goodwill but old can spend long

as far as combat capability is concerned, the success of nut Pro depends on four points:

nut Jedi counterattack

and this time Luo pills really put a lot of things that can replace feelings.


often said that the ideas on the Internet without limit, as long as there are ideas, innovation, will have a harvest, but the initial lack of guidance, if some can observe the example of reference, is not that we can quickly tap into their own

4. Participation Award: 300 A5 integral

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3. third-prize: 15, 200 yuan in cash

conference again proves that the most successful sales promotion in the world is not the product, but the self,

, first of all, is the extent to which pills can replace feelings.


420 million loss last year, negative net assets 240 million hammer technology "success" will Suning 50 million investment of 37 million, still have the ability to increase from the old shareholders get 300 million; in the "pants" incident led Qian Chen away, an eventful year management team turmoil, still have the ability to develop new products, can not be said is a miracle.

2. two prize: 3 yuan in cash, 500

, Bigbang and OneStep are only a preliminary attempt. Although the improvement of the actual operation experience of mobile phone users is limited, it is not easy to trigger the operation, On>

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