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is like Nurulize this time NVIDIA in the image display and graphics performance recognition, Chaos CEO Nurulize VR is also optimistic about the tools in the industry to complete the investment potential, while the Chaos group itself in the field of film and video games, architecture, and design are involved.

recently unveiled its organization’s second VR content contest at its 2017 GTC GPU Technology Conference at NVIDIA. The content competition requires participation in the company’s financing amount of not more than $5 million, a total of 120 companies participated in the competition, and 10 companies entered the final competition. Among them, Nurulize company won the final $15000 prize and three NVIDIA Quadro P6000 GPU awards.

Nurulize was founded in 2013, the two founders are with rich experience in graphics and software development of Philip Lunn, and worked in the digital realm and Method expert Scott Metzger Studios effects. The VR software development of Nurulize mainly solves the problems of 3D scanning and real-time rendering, and optimizes the workflow of VR content making.

so in the past few years, Nurulize has also done a lot of good cooperation in the industry. They have the head of the Oculus display device provides the service, at the same time also said the domestic o-film investment expansion on the Nurulize and strategic cooperation. Nurulize also worked with Nikon to perform 3D scans via lidar, and used multiple HDR pictures taken by Nikon’s 36 million pixel D810 camera group to render and restore 6 acres of scenes, "Desert Home.". In addition, they have cooperated with companies such as BMW.

Nurulize won $2 million in seed rounds in the Chaos group in 2015. Chaos group co-founder Vladimir Koylazov and Peter Mitev also served as CTO and board member at Nurulize respectively. The Chaos group itself is also engaged in high-end 3D rendering business and has a rendering software called V-Ray. They set up the Chaos group laboratory in 2014, exploring the direction of digital film production, talent mining, and the development of VR related thinking tanks and other content.

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