Wave no trace to pour cold water four punk punk network host

I can understand A Fei’s motivation and operation of the host computer, and I also know that many people are supporting A Fei, but as an expert, I need to give A Fei some cold water in order to make the main network go further.

1. The rules of the game are problematic. First of all, whether you need to appear in B2C mode, first of all, there is a big problem with the architecture of the host network. This seems to make punk into a dead end, when every webmaster all have experience, when every webmaster will not consider the price and prestige. There is a problem is misleading, it is naturally mistakenly believe that the good reputation is NO.1, the price is followed by the hooligan ah, even now the Internet is developing very quickly, the price of IDC is more Meipu, but as just entering the gate of the host primary rookie network, they will be very confused.

two, about industry standards and IDC. First of all, I’m not IDC. Even if the host network is only a demonstration of our platform, on the contrary, the price I may bid higher, people usually buy things are not expensive is the quality? Your industry norms will mean IDC are prohibitive, the price war, even don’t you? Not to mention this problem relates to the authority also, a do the webmaster, have N server itself also sell, take what hard things to let you form a default


three, the host network is not Taobao. Taobao completely out of the Alibaba model, and your host network can not survive from the station station mode. Then I’ll think about it, why have to go to the host network to choose what to buy? I can also choose Offline IDC local companies, and even idle, you can visit the site. Right, so when the host network doesn’t see the shadows of A Fei and the A Fei team, it will be the day when the mainframe network is successful.

four, transparency of host network. Money this thing, astepping-stone to success without a trace that is the wave of the rich rich, what not to do? What money do not? I know some IDC in the webmaster circle including the download station is not bad money, but how do you feel the host is a divine master, rather than accept a certain IDC the money for a good search position? What gold recommend? VIP IDC


host network still has a long way to go, and do not go good, you need to solve the above four problems, the task is determined and long way to go ah.

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