The truth lies in how to build a portal

grassroots webmaster. Better than the grass roots, the internet. What does the Chinese market depend on?. Advertise locally to attract people. It is said that the package will be promoted by telephone. In fact, it’s a waste of energy, whether it’s energy or labor. This is not the reason you are in need. Put yourself to stop in the circles of NO?.

however, everything is the user’s natural law to develop, users want freedom is the best direction of development. In the past, marriage was made up of children’s dolls. Finally, they felt uncomfortable with their grown up dolls. All free to do what you want. Yes, on the internet. Then there are some free users. (CN) Baidu Google, however, Chinese Baidu occupies the market. Very large. Think about how many netizens there are in china. About 2-4 Internet users. How many Internet users set Baidu home page?. Its hao123 is pretty good, too. Want a way out. Will develop from here. Users want to search will search the information is (Hua Ren). Not just information about an area.

like this, we set up an industry portal, everything, all want to be so beautiful, chose the dry industry. Also known as "dry equipment network", the site has been expected. Then came the Baidu legend’s big update. Plummeted, nothing? Is this the door we’ve built?. Quietly waiting for a long time, why Baidu did not respond, we are so taken in the hovering air?. Want to go up, do not want to go down. Why not? Why?


feels it’s difficult to make a portal. In a word, male fear of the wrong line women are afraid to marry the wrong husband. Think back to that. Is that true? I don’t think so. I went to some of the larger or better known websites and found some related portal sites. In fact, the results show that the station data show: created in 2000, 03, 03, age: 9 years in June 18th to see history, we can think of it.

understands this truth: success lies in two words, friend, do you understand what two words? Truth is called: "hold on to your friend.". Are you in an existing position? Are you confident about facing? If you stand at a station, you can hold on for 5 years. That proves you have succeeded! Friends! Come on. The Internet is the shutter to make money.


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