The relevance of the two models for the P2P congregation model


recently, the network of finance is very fire, and now the network of financial models to P2P and all chips based, these two patterns are bound to be relevant.

all the chips to serve the financing side, more of the project publicity, hoping to attract more attention through presentations, gifts, etc., so as to obtain funds to run the project, or to promote the project.

P2P more services to investors, more is a new way of financing, through the online bank, the idle funds on hand to finance value-added. Of course, the project will be screened and audited.

, the middle web platform, is bound to face one of the most basic contradictions:

all the chips: what can I get out of the money? Is it worth the money? Is it just a long term appeal to investors?

P2P: how to select high-quality projects, reduce bad debt ratio, protect investors’ income and expand the amount of guarantee?

in a word: the contradiction between

expected earnings and actual earnings

has roughly 2 models:


whole P2P+ congregation raised user model

attract publicity through all publicity projects

through screening, audit into financial products can be invested

finally establish investment and financing relations circle.

personally feel that all the chips P2P+ model will be the future direction of development, just like the current group buying patterns everywhere.

, the two modes, a single existence, has a fatal weakness,

all chips: can not solve the user income, because the entire pattern of no one to protect the proceeds. At most, spend money on a publicity product / experience product.

P2P: risk borne by Guarantee Corporation, the user does not take risks. The existence of the Guarantee Corporation, 100% to protect the investor’s principal, and investors can reach 15%~20% income, where the proceeds and risks are clearly unequal.

what would be a better prospect if the two patterns were fused together,


from the congregation raised to absorb the project, after preheating user feedback + professional Guarantee Corporation audit, the proceeds of the project were phased processing:

] low risk yields are relatively low,

] high risk yield is relatively high,

guaranteed premium project (VIP client)

for the investment of any project by the user’s own decision, want to get high returns must bear the corresponding risk. For some really good projects, the risk can be neglected and can be given to the annual fee

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