Do stand tired want to retreat

two years ago, his after thinking for a while after I enter the ranks of grassroots webmaster, such as most of the webmaster here, yearning for a better future, with endless impulse, buy space, find the domain name, to do the procedure, spends almost all his spare time in the site, two years over time, money was not much, just some space domain costs, but so far nothing, do this line is no longer suitable for me. It seems really tired, confused, want to break.

because I have a stable job, so only in the spare time to run the site, my position at the beginning of the site is to be a unique, practical, development of the website, for those crazy brush flow, collecting data of " station; " I came to a contemptuous disregard. Come to think of it, the personal website if you want to survive, to develop, take some appropriate means as normal.

I first built a project outsourcing site management, after several months of not much traffic, has been closed, a house later let me experience the initiation of second site ideas, then just want to buy a house, but every day at the house, everywhere, a world view is not a few is tired backaches. I think at that time, if you can see the house looks from the Internet, see room apartment layout, like a field to go like that how good ah, I research on virtual reality technology a few years ago, on the Internet to find relevant sites, but still not a domestic found this on a decent website. It was the first feeling like the discovery of the new world as excited, said, looking for information, find the program, find a lot of foreign related technology, combined with my years have been engaged in the development of 3D program, has been thinking and thinking. At that time every day to work overtime late into the night, sometimes even time secretly study program, after nearly a year of efforts, a 3D search network finally on the line, by how much tired only know their own, but the thought of a bright future or uncontrollable excitement and joy.

launched a few months, I do not say you know, a good website creative also need a good team to manage the operation in order to have a good development, always wanted to build a team, but can not find the right people, and no money, wife and baby. That directly leads to a substantial reduction in my time, the website also is in a state of neglect, sometimes I think I really want to give up, but the thought of his nearly a year of hard work, really reluctant.

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