The usual traffic problems for novice sites

most new sites complain of no traffic, this is the first time to do a friend’s common problem.

In fact,

much to find the reasons outside: the orientation of the website, title and website relevance, keyword optimization, web browsing speed, link quality, website information quantity, update frequency, user experience and so on.

is the problem of promotion: text, using QQ, blog promotion, forum, Baidu, Post Bar, ask, bookmarking, mail promotion, industry into Ali Wangwang, and many other promotion methods. The main reason is persistence.

my station, little information, a few days ago to modify the title. Rank down. Search engine a small amount of come, but found strange phenomenon, a lot of Google flow, but not Google page, originally is common people pass. Because its search window has Baidu, Google. And the people as long as the Internet, do not know Baidu boss, so use the people through the web search information, 99% are using Google engine. I said this means novice, sometimes no place to start promotion, you can spread seeds everywhere, perhaps there will be unexpected harvest.

no flow, no technical station, stone information, turn not reproduced casually.

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