Personal record the original subject of other websites content unqualified solution

the site for the record for the majority of IT practitioners or grassroots webmaster is not strange, I have a neutral attitude to the site for the record system: on the one hand, the website for the record to regulate the Internet environment; on the other hand, cumbersome registration process, demanding a long time waiting for the audit and so many novices.

first distinguishes two concepts: new filing and new website filing

1, the new record refers to the new entity, the new domain name, before filing information submitted for the first time in the system.

2, the new site refers to the old main body, new domain name, add new domain name to the existing main information.

main number for the record format: Beijing ICP prepared 12345678; website filing number is format: Beijing ICP prepared 12345678, -1


, a problem: This is the subject (individual website please understand directly for the website founder) has been the subject of the case filing number you want to add a website (new name) may be encountered when the record of the problem and the solution.

PS: this method is also applicable to filing, access, new space providers, access records,


has made many webmaster want to record a new website, often encounter problems when submitting a new domain name for the record, such as taking examination or through the authority to reject the application, most of the questions is:

1, " after verification has been made for the website "" to open the unqualified content, please modify a simple personal records website (put some simple articles and pictures) can not have interaction, communication, comment, message board function, record number and will be displayed below the add page links to the Ministry of industry and information technology for the record management system ( "

2, or "authority stipulates: without obtaining a record number of sites to prohibit access to your website! After verification: did not record the success can access, please temporarily shut down the site, to be filed after the success of open."

for new sites without obtaining a record number to prohibit access to problem solving is very simple, only need to stop parsing it; for website content first "the normal operation of the unqualified", many webmaster screenwriters. Authority require personal website does not exist any commercial content, not interaction, comments like elements, which can be said directly on die many webmaster, that always can’t because the new site for the record to the original website all rectification? This is not realistic, but also a great impact on the search engine included, even directly by K. Many webmaster often at this time gave up the new domain name for the record, I was at the same time.

because you don’t want to use a foreign host >

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