Product requirements analysis the user’s cheese do not touch

  spent almost 2 weeks to study the selling pork traders, and in the industry when a friend about this image examples, they are full of strange expression, because a do Internet products, not to do your products, to study what sell pork traders do! Don’t worry. We all know that the product demand analysis is a product manager for a required course, is actually in the project after the need to abstract product concept and core business users need and divergent functions of the internal focus and extracted and the formation of a specific visible demonstration results. Product demand is determined, then the link is not as long as follow this as the goal, according to plan, so the demand analysis process is reflected back links are difficult places is the product manager’s ability to exercise. I think when doing this job, you need to decide what product you want to do. What is the status of the product?

1. has a new product. There are two kinds of products in this type of product.

A. company to the strategic layout of the adjustment of the existing product line, or the main products in the market for the accumulation of more resources, and we are in operation, and this new product is the same.

B. has no similar products in our China, and other countries and regions are not, need this kind of product into the cost of human resources, time is higher, and the lack of information resources itself the product itself, the market environment and the accumulation of user information resources, its profit model is not clear, under the condition of high risk, unless you find the user invisible killer, and the practical stage of profit model and target.

for the above A situation;

at the company level, should be the first person to eat crabs, if you are a novice product planning personnel, it is difficult to smoothly according to plan on the line, this process is very painful, frequent changes in demand and the prototype, on the demand side and unable to convince the leadership of the company, and can not find the actual use of data. So at least ask an experienced product manager to bring in 2 new or assistants.

I usually fix the function module business association and business process requirements, then the assistant at these ideas are identified in time with AXURE to complete the prototype wireframe design, followed by subsequent interaction designers work links.

We often say

needs the ability to control, that is for some function demand is not clear, experienced and inexperienced product managers have a significant contrast here, this comparison is to grasp the problem whether from work efficiency or direction, let alone is no ground for blame, for a


initial work of the product;

identifies groups of users for major products and what they are doing at work each day, because the project they are doing is now extremely confidential

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