Forum signature cooked heavy cooked light SEO indispensable competition for the land

Google recent changes in PR, Baidu’s ranking changes, K station behavior is always changing, these days of changes are still fresh in memory, these changes also illustrate some of the changes in Baidu’s algorithm. For example, recently, the webmaster said his web site keywords overnight removed from Baidu, and now there is no ranking, this let the webmaster are very tangled. This shows that the Baidu switch engine is changing, and here to discuss the importance of BBS signature for the site.

first: the forum can not be too single, must not focus on one day of their own energy chain to a certain forum, so doing is undoubtedly buried a time bomb. If this forum is k off, all of your prior work will affect the chain cast to the wind, thus building a web site. Therefore, the chain must be dispersed, even if a certain affected by the site will not have a huge shock, the proportion of each forum’s share of the chain must be low, which is the universality of the platform.

: the second forum weights, Baidu now has a new change, forum signature for Baidu’s influence is more and more not worth mentioning, if you want to find a forum signature, you have to find some high weight site, so the effect will be better. But the need for high quality links will allow you to change Links. After all, this is the most real Links links, but also for their best outside the chain, but also in the forum signature increasingly unstable today, websites need long-term development, it is recommended that only few outside the chain to a large number of forums. The recommendations or blog or Links, to improve the chain site.

Forum: final correlation, correlation is after the SEO will be more and more attention, also will be more and more attention, after all, if you want to take into account the user experience degrees, the correlation is a good test range, but also for each user. For example, the Hongkong children and baby related information to the forum, or is there a parental knowledge section, the face of such a customer groups are some new mothers or just pregnant mothers, so the user is looking for the customer site. But now the forum more and more unstable, Baidu and Google more love forum signature form, if you want to do, or send relevant information, or to some very good correlation between the forum, this is a must.

regardless of the current BBS signature for the weight of the site, as long as good at using BBS signature, for the website is still very good. So the forum signature, the military will, but also outside the chain of a hotly contested spot, a forum where basically, we generally go to the value of the forum has become an indispensable part of our SEO. If you need to reprint this article, please leave the link (

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