How do the webmaster website account password protection security in the first place

recently, the hottest topic on the Internet is password leaks from several large websites, the most mainstream of which is the most familiar with 3 websites, namely "Tianya", "CSDN" and "mop"". I believe many of my friends have suffered, I was one of the victims, the day has continued on to modify their own registered in a password for each site, when as I write this article, compare himself seriously and commonly used website account password change again, it was reassuring to write this blog.

dissemination of Web site databases is illegal,

also found someone on my blog today that said there was a XX database and needed to add him to QQ. First of all, disdain for those who continue to disseminate these web site user information, but also kindly remind these continue to spread no legal awareness of the people. Today, watching a TV news, there are also talking about this database user information leakage events. News has mentioned that intentionally spread or sell other users’ information on the Internet, the number of users in more than 500, will be sentenced to less than 3 years, and now there are relevant laws and regulations.

several well-known website database user account password leak, involving a wide range, the impact of the big. I believe that the relevant departments have been paying attention to this, will crack down on malicious online dissemination of the database, even if this data is not stolen by you, but also bear the corresponding legal responsibility. So, in this environment, I hope you do not feel fun, but also follow the spread everywhere, do not accidentally committed the law, is regarded as a typical.

different importance accounts, set different passwords

I think this is the most important, and now some people in order to facilitate the Internet, all web sites are set the same password. Even if your password is complicated, it doesn’t work. For example, this time a number of Web site database leaks, not password settings complex, you can defend. So different website account, the best to set a different password, and not because of individual website account password disclosure, and affect most of your registered website, especially some will have a direct impact on personal interests and important site account. According to their own circumstances, in my mind, the importance of site accounts are divided into 5 categories. They are "mailbox class", "online banking class", "important class", "common class", "common class",

online account, the most important account is the mailbox account, because if the commonly used mailbox account stolen, the outside registered accounts are likely to be stolen. Because password retrieval with e-mail is now common means of most websites. Although now the major websites, as long as the registration of the account, there will be mailbox service. But I believe that everyone should use the mailbox on 1-2, and it is best to use the mailbox service provided by the big web site, the security factor is high. For frequently used mailbox accounts, it is best to set "separate", "complex" passwords to prevent them from being easily cracked. In addition to various security settings, such as security issues, mobile phone binding and so on, in case of being stolen;

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