Analysis of similarities and differences of news websites of major stations

with the popularization and development of the Internet, the team of webmaster is gradually growing, and the market demand is more and more. In many webmaster news website, there are a few webmaster are recognized to do more successful, the author summed up a few big webmaster information website similarities and differences. Relative to the old webmaster, there may be some layman’s taste, please bear with me.

China stationmaster station

China stationmaster station believes everybody is very familiar, it is the eldest brother of stationmaster information website, daily news is rich, readability is strong. Webmaster here basically can meet the daily industry information needs, original articles are many, the daily recommended articles are very exciting, article title general is very strong. The websites between the same industry will inevitably collect from each other, but the station news will be relatively new and relatively less identical. However, I personally think that the website is a bit messy, messy because web content information too much, too many categories of users forum, easily distracted, especially for the first landing station. Website content information update is relatively slow, perhaps stationmaster station thinks content is fine, not expensive more, do not make too big requirement in quantity.


when I first contacted webmaster net, I also felt that the website was very messy, and I couldn’t help it. Later, I became familiar with the webpage and found that it was in chaos and tidy. It was easy to find the information needed after I knew it. Adsense news, Internet news, search, SEO, leisure, this is the focus of the four sections. The arrangement between the sections is more orderly, the webmaster’s most concerned news, experience and experience are placed in the most conspicuous position, and other times, orderly. The overall tone and structure of the page are more unified, visual effects are good, information updates quickly, and the content is different every day. It is the latest and most interesting news information of the webmaster industry. The disadvantage is that the information update is too fast, some information is too late to read, it is not on the home page. Although each section has "more information" reminder, or is not intuitive enough, and the site does not read, for novice webmaster, it takes some time to explore. Too much information is bound to be a bit complicated.

portal through

              portal is also familiar with webmaster friends of the site, the gateway through the forum is doing very well. However, there are too many rules and regulations on the front page of the information portal. It is not suitable for browsing the news. It can not be seen at a glance. Although there are more updates, users can not see it. The portal is practical information website, pay more attention to the essence of the accumulation area including promotion, experience sharing, establishment of story, website profit and post screening Wangzhuan, basically readability is strong. The subject of gateway is well done, too

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