2008 personal Adsense must use eight free weapons

I did a long time personal website, slowly also gradually realize the truth, that is the personal webmaster generally weak, and those of millions of commercial sites investment can not compete, so need to make full use of free Internet resources to leveraging, this can often achieve a multiplier effect.

leveraging, in addition to often use QQ group and MSN group and post posting in the forum, blog promotion, more important is to should analyze and use some of the Internet an antidote against the disease free tools. Today, I will recommend to you eight free tools of the nature of the site for your reference and learning. Write not good place, but also other personal webmaster please forgive.

one, China Adsense network (www.admin5.com)

well-known Webmaster Station, the industry site boss, information, forums, downloads, statistics, tools, colleges, are doing quite well. China is the cradle of the webmaster, the information channel to report only the facts, dig the news deep inside and enjoy the Internet, every day to attract more than one million visitors stop learning.

two, laggards Forum (http://s.www.im286.com),

this BBS every day posting number more than 20 thousand, and the post is basically a personal webmaster. They are here for extensive exchanges, from the site required domain name, space, program source code to SEO, resource exchange, links and so on, almost all inclusive.

and this forum also holds the gathering regularly, the stationmaster Congress which has just held recently, the laggard is the main promoter. I believe you’re always here, and you’ll get a good harvest. The only fly in the ointment is that the new audit is very strict now, so if you sign up for ID, it may take some time for you to post it formally.

three, 51.la free statistics (http://s.www.51.la)

a very good free website statistics system. If you want to know more about your website’s daily visits and visits, I highly recommend using it.

apply a few slogan: "understanding the site situation, grasp the pulse of the website, I want to grow beyond the limit, statistics, head of the right-hand man, professional and strong, high speed website statistics system".

, in fact, there are some competitors 51.la, such as 51yes, cnzz and so on, but the 51.la technology leader Yang Fuqiang’s legendary experience, so that the author is more willing to recommend it. In addition, 51.la because of the use of ASP architecture, and the current Trojan horse for ASP, viruses and other attacks are indeed quite a few, so occasionally there will be instability.

four, the Fawkes Internet Index (http://s.www.foxread.com),

, this seems to be 2008>

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