How to improve the credit of website content

today many websites are very focused content updates, the chain, in order to increase the weight of the website, that many webmaster will do, the weight up, flow rate is also high, why website customer but not much, the reason is very simple, because the station often ignore a problem, is the site of the credit here, to share with you how to improve website content credit

left the author’s contact information

visitors often unconsciously judge the trustworthiness of the content when they are browsing the web. The language style and tone of writing will directly affect the credibility of the article. When visitors read the page in the article, often want to know the author’s qualifications, writing motivation and confidence level, in order to make their guess confirmed, sometimes visitors want to further understand. In this case, leaving the author’s contact will increase the visitor’s confidence in the site.

Fewer errors in

second site

in order to improve the credibility of the site, it should also be careful when writing, do not appear spelling and grammatical errors. Compared with other media, the biggest advantage of websites is that they can get timely feedback from visitors and correct their mistakes in time, which can not be done by printed matter. If there are a lot of errors in the site, it is natural that visitors will not only discount the credibility of your article, but also doubt the credibility of the entire site. Just imagine, who would have thought that a mistake a site may provide customers with high quality products and services. If there is a mistake in the website, it is better to get a timely feedback from the website user and correct it as soon as possible. The message board or forum function will be a good help tool.

third links to other sites that can prove the correctness of the site’s content

reliable hyperlinks will greatly increase the trust of your website. When the animation school of Communication University of China students achieved excellent results in a world animation contest, if this information is linked to another in this competition and awards website, will eliminate the visitors for the information credibility of doubt, and improve the confidence level of the whole website content.

How does

fourth attract visitors to your site again,


it is important for a website to attract visitors again, and the quality of the design is one of the main reasons for attracting visitors back again. Survey shows that 75% of consumers will visit their website to love again, if the content of the website is well organized, so what is the reason will stop visitors often return to this site and introduce it to those who have the same needs friends? For restaurant, can move back and forth to head off Business Flourishes, our website and not so. In order to continue to attract visitors, it is necessary to make sure that all the elements that attract visitors are already used in the web page. To do this, it’s better to be on Page >

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