The innovation of station navigation station is the guarantee that attracts stationmaster to stop

ShangZhan.NET domain name registration, there are people who want to spend 3000 yuan to buy the station to do business, we rejected them, not because the price is not reasonable, in fact, we had useful this domain do webmaster class web site navigation ideas, want a good slogan: long station website navigation, webmaster have this website! Is an old corn, according to the search engine ", the domain name was registered as early as a few years ago.

through simple planning, site navigation station on the line. Next is a very important part — publicity and promotion. Of course, there are many ways. In addition to using existing resources, we also use the most basic way of promotion.

in we have also made a few promotional website articles, these articles really brought us a lot of traffic, but in the article has been "flooded" and after the flow has a lot less to lose promotion effect. Through our analysis found that through an article of publicity to the site traffic. Only 40% of visitors will re visit the station network – Webmaster site navigation. This shows that the site of the jumping out of the station is very high, at least for us such a new station is like this.

we write daohangzhan promotion articles, indeed attracted many owners to stop browsing, and click into the site navigation station, this shows that the webmaster is to this website, he held a welcoming attitude of curiosity. However, the high jump rate is probably the reason: the web is new and the user experience isn’t good enough.

here, I have to mention it more. In fact, not only our navigation station has not done well, this question is widespread in many websites, is also the bottleneck which many small and medium-sized websites develop and expand. For example, web site, hao123 and 265 divided up almost half of the world; website information, by the webmaster favorite is ChinaZ, Admin5 and a few other people; white-collar community of SNS Kaixin001 alone; in the campus network in almost all of the students… To see a successful example of life, can not help but draw numerous imitators, cottage version. Of the many copycat shows, there are few real successes. Imitate the success of others do, lose a live user’s favor, but imitators not without advantage: they can make full use of the successful experience of others, and to avoid the risk of the development of the market first. If you want to "later in life", you must have ideological innovation, service innovation, user experience innovation!


to take advantage of this opportunity to our webmaster web site navigation address – said, we hope more valuable advice, let our navigation station more features, provide better navigation service for everyone. We expect you to leave your footprints here,


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