Xie Renjun there are good domain name good service not afraid of doing good results

low-key, when the hand must not be vague, this is not only the director of operations Xie Renjun Billiton Billiton style, but also Billiton Sheng company business development style. From the mining rights business, to buy a house together, to the mining network to the present happy spot. Every time in the industry can arouse no small ripples. In 2008, Xie Renjun shot happy happy auction site (www.happyd.cn), only three days the amount of users has exceeded 5000, breaking the previous e-commerce website user development.

Tuosheng to enter the auction site in the world happy pace although late, but accumulate steadily attitude. This is the management style of steadily and is aimed at once to attack, whether early mining right online line, or to get involved in the auction industry, thanks in advance Renjun always slow, but later as violent storms, this may be related to his family business character, and then think things.

in the resources industry Tuosheng group, enter the auction website because e-commerce website can achieve rapid profit target, compared to many service business website, happy point of the auction model, profit channel is very clear, according to Xie Renjun plan, bidding projects can be accumulated the largest number of users in the shortest time of course, can also be profitable — Xie Renjun’s move in the shortest period of time, can be seen as the future direction of the auction site for his identity, can be seen as he will enter the auction site has a relatively clear road.

in the face of the traditional e-commerce website pincer attack, happy place during the beta test on the implementation of a large area of promotion. Use the traditional marketing model to promote. In the short term, the site traffic is in a "blowout" style, rapidly spreading among white-collar workers. In addition, technology and services are also increasing efforts to promote. Just as happy director Xie Renjun said, "immediately, does not mean that not ready, who first is not important."

as the successor of e-commerce industry, special auction mode of happy point was actually in the industry a firm stand, at least to the user site is very novel and fun, and everyone in the electronic commerce website on what can make money, Xie Renjun have started thinking, to enter the auction site should be how to further expand the influence of industry.

now, Tuo Sheng’s happy spot 2008, has relaxed and perfectly adapted the electronic commerce website to be difficult to hibernate. 2009, Tuosheng happy and how to find a suitable way to profit moves, how their own, all the questions, probably already in the hearts of Xie Renjun brewing, before he did not bluff, all speculation can only imagine.

happy, 2009 really happy?

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