Protect the brain cell of stationmaster save worry a few kinds of train of thought that do a websit

to write their own station summary, but also to write a lot of fellow brothers, hoping to read this article will allow you to harvest.

, No. 1: imitation show

vulgar name follow the trend, popular called cottage.

step 1: friendship connection, jump to find the target. Find a more formal web site, through its friendship connection, inquires the target station, generally do better station connection quality requirements are relatively high, so it’s friendship connection station basic belong to the same level. Found after the station check included, PR, look at its advertising placement, access to website profit way, estimate traffic, advertising revenue. Detailed records, do know fairly well.

step two: select the CMS program, according to personal preferences and ability level imitation station. Can be integrated with other types of Web sites, you can also copy. Suggested synthesis, fixed point of thinking.

step three: on-line, acquisition, maintenance, advertising.

this method is suitable for many just friends stand can accumulate a lot of experience, cultivate the ability to analyze, can take this as a training course, good imitation will return, imitation and fail Never mind, also have the harvest.

two and second: spoof show

imitate and follow the trend, original blend

step 1: search for hot spots, the hot spots here can be specific to an event, can also be broadly to a trend. The stationmaster must first understand a rule: "without profit, without going". I speak it very well, because the world is realistic. I’m so hot here: to make a definition of profitable and sensational effect trend of things are hot, attention is not profitable, people say Web2.0 you Web2.0 people say SNS you sns. There is no need to stir up some illusory ideas with big speculators. We only do what we can, and don’t do what we can not do. Or to cite some examples: such as the early 08 pornographic incident, search frenzy, the concern of the people, of which there are many webmasters seized the opportunity to do traffic have earned a lot. Another example, "Shanzhai" is a common practice, so now there is a webmaster who is related to shanzhai. Again, the financial crisis, and now some people use this popular words also do web site.

step two: as a

step three: as a

three and third: mountain show

is either generous, or novel, or able to hold on to

step 1: identify a field that can be already involved. You think you can be strong, or you can create a new field of your own. You can make a difference. Go this way a successful break, personally think that the Internet has not much left to the original opportunity for us, but not, we want to pay attention to, to create, opportunities always favor those who are prepared.

if you decide to do a long term, you can

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