Today’s headlines overseas version of TopBuzz products and operations are different

TopBuzz as today’s headlines sea products, products, content and operations are remarkable.

, did you see ads in today’s headlines "making dollars, getting on TopBuzz?"

What is

TopBuzz? The overseas version of today’s headlines is simply understandable. In 2015 October on-line, in March this year, there have been many days in North America APP STORE to get the top spot in the news standings. Just like another "today’s headlines" rhythm, what exactly did TopBuzz do to get a good record? This article will show you what it is.


In terms of

products, TopBuzz uses a design similar to today’s headlines. The bottom navigation bar is the home page, video, attention, and user settings. The home page displays personalized content, and the optional content channels include GIF, entertainment, sports, politics, science, and so forth. The video bar is a hot video captured by the major video platforms. Attention is the corresponding micro column headline of today’s headlines, but compared with the difference between today’s headlines and more biased in favor of the mainstream media in the United States, as recommended by the TopBuzz CNN Bloomberg, USA media, Today, bar made a classification for media attention, user-friendly search. TopBuzz supports Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts for direct logon.


today’s headlines CEO, Zhang Yiming said in an interview, "today’s headlines do not produce content, just news porters."". The main source of today’s headlines is the content of major news websites and media. As the overseas version of today’s headlines in the content source is similar to today’s headlines, the main source of information from TopBuzz to each big media, video sites, including CNN, NBC, Yahoo, YouTube, Jukin Media.

headlines today in the country since the media has been more mature cultivation, a large number of content from the media. TopBuzz, too, continues the idea of paying users for readings and setting up incentives to reward high-quality content.

video is today’s headlines and TopBuzz joint force focus, today’s headlines in the country alone launched a small volcano video, and TopBuzz also has a special TopBuzz Video APP.


in terms of access to users, the application market naturally need not be the focus of TopBuzz force, only on the Google Play, TopBuzz has more than 70 thousand of the user score.