Ten years a station of a webmaster’s sorrow

has always felt like a failure because, strictly speaking, it was my first stop. I’ve been in touch with the Internet since 97 years ago. Many people say that contact networks begin with games and chat. Maybe I’m an exception. I started with websites. 97 years ago, the network is not very popular, but at that time, a large number of outstanding personal websites have also sprung up, such as people’s Wharf and so on. I don’t know if anyone still remembers now. Maybe I’m so natural and I like to express myself, so building a personal homepage has been my biggest dream. Fortunately, at that time, ChinaRen had not yet fully positioned itself in the alumni, when they launched a home bus, it is now equivalent to the website, is very simple, only need a simple click on some settings you can create a personal home page of their own, in fact, now it seems that it is a something quite immature, but I think it is very wonderful.

              after a period of time, home bus has been unable to meet the demand so I skyrocketing, I began to learn frontpage, flash, Photoshop, in the process of learning, has continued to do some static station. This state lasted until 2000 when I graduated from high school because of the pressure from the key middle school. I had no respite. I have always thought so, and so on the University, I must study hard, do station technology. But life can not predict things too much, I graduated from high school into a strange combination of circumstances to a military school. Perhaps many people do not know, the strict management of the military school makes the Internet opportunities become less arbitrary. Even so, I still did not stop the school website, so then to learn the DW and some other software, but it is no exaggeration to say that all these things I learned almost nothing to take the books to learn, every line of code, each button with the method are in in the process of practice to understand the. First, there are needs, and then go to find answers and solutions, perhaps this is the reason why I progress slowly. But when the one thing that makes me very excited, there is a web design competition, the school every year. I was about to start from sophomore in, almost every time in the course of the competition to win the prize, I also get a lot of valuable experience. However, although I have done several stations on the military network, there is no one built on the internet. It’s rather sad, as you think.

was 05 years old when he graduated from college. In this year, I always have an idea in the making, want to do a real name system for the student community, I think students Chinese is a very important part of Internet users, but ChinaRen alumni have slowly began to meet the requirements of the students, and it began to become increasingly large and messy, its popularity from long time users rely on it. What I want to do is a strict review