Zhou Hongyi to make products first switch yourself to two fool model


Qihoo 360 CEO Zhou Hongyi


I can only boast place, that I might make the most mistakes in the Internet, the sum up, then also experienced many failures, so it has some real feelings.

suggested that you put the book "positioning" and "innovator’s dilemma" and "innovator’s solution" on your side to read again and again. The more you experience, the more you will learn about these books. I have often looked through the past few years, and I have new ideas every time. So I hope you still spend less time brushing micro-blog, spend more time reading.


a few years ago talking about micro innovation, why suddenly changed to talk about disruptive innovation? In fact, they are the same thing, micro innovation is subversive innovation start and tactics, and subversive innovation is micro innovation after to repair the fruit is sustained, a belated effort type.

all subversion is from minimally invasive new

and the real subversion is not coming, but to me you are not aware of the way to gradually penetrate and change. You can think of disruptive innovation as a way of doing things. What is another way? Can you take a very complex product becomes very simple? Can you expensive things become very cheap, or put the charge into free? These two changes are subversion from the user experience and business model.

I highly recommend the idea of Apple Corp’s Think Different, and that’s what Apple has always done. Whether it’s a tablet PC, a cell phone, or a music player, someone else has done it, but Apple will do it another way. That’s Think Different. So, in the business you are engaged in, you go to think about how the giant is doing, can you find a gap point, with others do not the same, even if only a little bit different?. And my understanding of "different" is "more extreme", that is, "reverse", "reverse operation", so the giants think I’m a "Trouble Maker"".

I don’t think it’s a moral issue, it’s a tactical question. Antivirus software, for example. They want to make money, and my solution is the reverse operation, the first reverse operation is cheaper, it is improved, but I’m not the money, it becomes a subversion. In fact, I did not realize that free antivirus would bring such a huge subversion effect.

do what you want, but don’t try to be perfect. Many people put these two words upside down. The so-called pursuit of perfection is that I want to make my products do not have shortcomings, such things instead of innovation, and truly disruptive innovation products, when it came out, there are many shortcomings. There are shortcomings, not afraid, but you must have a can

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