Wang Xing re start business intuitive feasible do not hesitate to throw into doing

, Wang Xing, has started many times and is now getting closer to what he says is "useful, interesting, and beneficial". Just in the past July 2010, he founded the United States Mission Network monthly water has more than 5 million. You know, this was achieved in the chaos of the thousand regiments. Today, in June this year, the media quoted figures are still around 400, but to some of the mainstream navigation site to see, we will find that this figure has already been refreshed, more than 2000. This is not the end, there are still many teams and businesses, and local Internet forces said to enter the market. How many will there be in the future? Ten thousand?. But it’s possible.

"we’re not just looking at sales now, but more about consumer satisfaction." Wang Xing shook his head about the data we asked for the buying site, and he thought that consumer satisfaction was the key to the group buying site. Every day after the end of the group purchase transaction, the American group will inquire about consumer satisfaction through some ways. "We divided the score into 1 to 5 points, 1 points are not satisfied, and 5 points are very satisfied.". The requirement is that the average satisfaction of each group must be above 4." United States Group concluded that the present satisfaction in 4 points above, between "satisfaction" and "very satisfied" between, to Wang’s expectations.

it’s known to all of the fourth websites he founded. The first school has a strong reputation and is still one of the most important SNS websites in china. Chen Yizhou from his and Wang Huiwen, Lai Binqiang and other partners in the hands of the acquisition of the past, change from Japan Softbank 430 million dollars, set a dazzling Internet financing record.

since then, the domestic network, and the "rice" or "no", are also taking the route of social network. But because of the well-known reasons, the two major websites have been closed until now. Perhaps the reopening period, the industry also has a strange rumor transmission, Wang did not talk too much, and now the focus has been completely in the U. S. mission.

this group buys a website, also be the light that is stained with social network actually. Based on the profound understanding of social networks in the past, the United States Mission Network in word of mouth marketing, SNS dissemination of "no wind" automatic, did not spend a penny to do promotion, but has become the focus of attention. For a time, Jissbon condom has become a popular gossip topic in the industry.

"my standards of doing things are useful, interesting and profitable.". First of all, there is user value and social value; the process of doing it is interesting and interesting; finally, it is profitable and whether it can make money. If it’s big enough, it’s sure to make money." Wang Xing says. However, before the start of the business did not wait until the point of profit, the group has already made a good start. Even the rumors that the group had been financing had been circulating for a long time, but Wang Xing never talked and always said it was early.

Wang Xing claims that he does business by instinct. Among the entrepreneurs who come into contact with Tencent technology, many teams are constantly studying and visiting the industry in order to determine the direction. "Wang Xing is not," he said. "He didn’t spend much time."

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