Small clothing store operators need to do a good job in market positioning

clothing store in today’s society is still very common, and with more and more people to set up clothing stores, but also the formation of a lot of market competition, and now the competition pressure is very large clothing stores. To do a good job in the positioning of the clothing store is more important.

and there are general women’s market (women’s dress suits, blouses, pants, casual and commuter equipment). Casual wear is a large, fast growing market between women’s suits and women’s casual wear, and its main consumers are urban white-collar women, similar to men’s new suit. Not only can wear at work, but also in social life after work, and easy collocation, the price is not so expensive Couture or dress; color and style is casual orthodoxy on formal occasions dressed decent.

in the current city Chinese process, female white-collar workers (non blue collar laborers) the absolute amount and the proportion of the total population in the rapid rise. They are the main consumers of commuter, and their average age is the best age for clothing consumption. And as white-collar women, their income for their clothing consumption also has a certain guarantee. And they tend to benefit from a higher income period in their lives and not much else, and they are also in the age of love to buy clothes. Their social status, the image of the company also need them to buy clothes, with a decent dress to show the United states. Therefore, women’s casual wear market is in a period of rapid development, has a very good market expectations.

and the scope of female commuter equipment price coverage in general white-collar female income can bear, the price is generally more moderate. The requirements of the style is both stylish and decent, although not as high as the use of high-grade fabrics imported fabrics, but also requires fine fabrics, fine texture, feel comfortable. The requirements for the work of the garment are also more detailed than the casual clothes. The two operators of small clothing stores are white-collar workers before the start, for white-collar women’s aesthetic sense, they are in the office and on the way to work and some leisure places in the dress requirements are more understanding. To know the preferences and scales of white collar women’s choice of fabrics, styles, colors and prices. This is undoubtedly a small clothing store a competitive advantage.

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