Join venture entrepreneurs need to be cautious to recover the investment hopeless

entrepreneurial boom continues to hit, many people with ambition to venture into the army. But the business risk, the investment need to be cautious, some entrepreneurs in the process of encounter scam to join the investment in capital.

the internal staff broke the news of the company is a shell company, basically no goods store. JINGWAH Times reporter unannounced visits found that the company attracted to the investment, the rights have been lied to the person responsible for the resignation. Fengtai District industry and Commerce Bureau staff said that the relevant information has been recorded, will send personnel to verify, if true, will be dealt with according to law.


production after the completion of the page 90% of the goods are out of stock of the goods received "display, display products for Tmall flagship store". A director of the company Huang Xin explained that Mr. Joe did not pay all the money the company card goods require Mr. Joe to pay 22500, he can gift vouchers and a navigation advertising.

According to Mr. Joe


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