There are different ways to treat different customers

customer character is different, the nature of the service will be different, if the owner treats every customer is the same way, I’m afraid not to attract customers, let the business do long. In short, do business, whether it is warm service, or the price tag…… In a word, let the customer happy and come, after shopping satisfaction is our hard truth. As the saying goes: hundreds of people, how to make customers of different character to buy our goods, as our sales staff, to master a variety of reception skills.

for the target clear, want to pick their own customers, do not want others to say hello. This kind of customer shopping experience is rich, strong self-confidence, easy to accept other people’s views and opinions, do not want to communicate with us too much. For this type of customer, we should let the salesperson choose their own, do not have too much to promote products, as long as the proper attention on the line, too much, it will be self defeating, let customers off and leave.

I remember once a customer into the store did not find Jin Mai Lang sauerkraut barrel instant noodles, the wife is busy enthusiastic introduction Kangshifu oil spicy acid and pointed out that surface wave, surface wave Kangshifu oil spicy acid to sell fast, good quality, who knows the customer turned left, at a nearby store to buy a master braised beef noodles.

what the customers, they buy things directly pointed to what, not dragging its feet, very simply. For this type of customer, our staff should always take a cordial smile with each other, with goods in the shortest possible time, need to immediately bagging installed, Bahrain immediately reported a total, speaking speed can be faster, to complete the transaction as soon as possible.

my shop is on the street, the driver and the rush of pedestrians on the road, the general time is tight, buy a pack of cigarettes, buy a bottle of wine or drink, I will complete the transaction within a minute, do not take up customer time.

some customers hesitate, always can not buy the determination, feel that you can buy, but I thought maybe there will be a better product. For such customers, we should actively recommend the retail side, the introduction of the details of the goods, constantly sending out signals to make it determined to buy. Some customers in our repeated explanation, still indecisive, can not make the decision to buy products, after making a purchase decision is still in doubt. For such customers, we have to take the trouble, very patient and repeatedly explain the characteristics of the product.

in that process should pay attention to reasonable, persuasive, avoid talk, lack of patience, and make the customer feel we are impatient.

some shopkeepers treat all customers in the same way, naturally will let a part of the customer lost. In short, the treatment of different customers, to find the right way, take the trouble, patience, the use of circuitous tactful techniques, combined with the silent pressure to stay >

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