One step away brings big difference

a lot of times, really just a step away, but the operation will show a completely different state, this paper introduces the case is so. On the opposite side of the road opened a new fast food restaurant, regardless of the taste of the food, service quality, or the store environment are good. However, half a month later, the customer is still very few. Hardware and software facilities are good, but why not popular? I feel so confused.


opened the door that morning, he suddenly found a long queue outside the fast food restaurant. The business became so good that it made me curious. Careful observation, and finally found the mystery. It turned out that the owner is only part of the tables and chairs, breakfast moved outside the shop. New tableware, fragrant food, can not help but stop. Store shop, just a step away, but have different effect.

I just suddenly thought of his shop at that time, because the store is a little distance from the road, pedestrians passing by, with little attention to my shop, Renqibuwang is inevitable. So, I made a simple shelf placed outside the shop, put some drinks, food, etc., and decorated more eye-catching. The shelf has attracted the attention of pedestrians, I stand beside it in time to provide services. If customers don’t need the goods on the shelves, I’ll send them to the store. Slowly, the visibility of the shop opened, the business has improved. At this point, my shelves began to step back, and the customer has come back with me, and walked into the store.

is now on the same street, the same business is very much, so if you can not attract customers, business is difficult to carry out. However, even if the store has a more complete range of goods, the environment is superior, but because of the problem of distance and failed to attract the attention of customers. At this time, only the owner went out, the customer please come in, in order to really get a turn for the better.

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