How to improve the way the store had to say popular promotion

want to enhance their popularity, then you need to find some appropriate methods, so as to get twice the result with half the effort. Promotion is the fastest and most effective way to promote the popularity, but the premise is to know how to promote sales, otherwise it may backfire.

1, do a good job before the promotion of publicity.

" wine is also afraid of deep alley, " good promotion of consumers do not know, only " " stillborn;. Do a good job of promotional work before the promotion is to achieve the purpose of the premise.

2, />

now many stores launched a membership, offering a discount card, when the customer reaches a certain amount in the store when shopping can get a rebate. Such as the cumulative purchase of 100 full rebate of $20, the purchase of $200 rebate is $50, in the form of physical or shopping vouchers to honor, attract a lot of consumers come to buy, and effectively cultivate customer loyalty. Use a few points

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