The establishment of Kuancheng students in business incubator

is now due to a college graduation season, all in order to promote the development of college students, the employment situation have started to pay attention to the college students, also introduced many new measures to help the many college students to entrepreneurship.

for the implementation of public business, public innovation atmosphere, Kuancheng adhere to the development of public record space, service innovation and entrepreneurship as the starting point and end point, government, society and enterprises gather all resources, invest 10 million yuan to build 3000 square meters in entrepreneurship training, creative cultivation, innovation incubator as one of the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship base.

the base to support the Kuancheng entrepreneurship as the core goal, to public welfare, demonstration, professional as the main feature, in the information industry, modern agriculture and modern service industry as the main business incubator platform to build a set of policy theory, entrepreneurship training and comprehensive service as a whole, for students and young entrepreneurs provide a display of self, communication platform.

base also offers new employment subsidies, entrepreneurship subsidies, social insurance subsidies, job subsidies, small loans etc.. At the same time the establishment of venture capital, angel investment and other enterprises to solve the problem of insufficient funds and financing.


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