Xinjiang four small business selling red dates

entrepreneurship is never a simple thing, especially for young people who have no entrepreneurial experience is even more so. Tian Feng is a member, for Tian Feng and his partner, entrepreneurship is easy to say, do not have the Everything is going smoothly., with jujube as sweet memories, there is a lot of frustration beat a retreat. Here’s their story.

business opportunities

rarely seen in Guangzhou Xinjiang jujube

3 22, speaking of a short but memorable entrepreneurial experience, Tian Feng a sunny smile, calm revealed confidence. In 2008, after graduating from the University of Feng Tian, regardless of family opposition, to give up the civil service, to a prospecting company in Kashi, prospecting, moving stones, buy raw materials, all the work on the mine he almost did. Tian Feng recalled: "at that time, I do not have any work experience, everything is zero start, I just want to start from the grassroots exercise, want to prove that I can stand on their own to feed themselves."

after more than a year, due to the introduction of local efforts to cultivate young talent policy, while the peak field back to Beijing – a monthly focus on learning a week, two years later, he won the Tsinghua University graduate EMBA.

in all started on the right track, Tian Feng was on a business trip in a car accident, even a coma for a few days, the head and face were sewn more than and 50 needles." It is this accident, let him have a different perception of life, he felt that life can not be so simple to go on, to do something, but exactly how to do, what to do, he did not target.

Tian Feng said that for a long time, he often see Ma Yun, Shi Yuzhu and other entrepreneurial elite inspirational books, often watching, while secretly cheer yourself, must not be wasted time, to live a wonderful life!

after six months time, in order to relax, Tian Feng to Qingdao, Chongqing, Lijiang, Guangzhou, Hongkong and other places to travel. On the road, he did not idle, while turning some of the local supermarket and dried fruit market, this turn out the business opportunity, he found that the dried fruit in Xinjiang is not low in the mainland, but very popular. To Guangzhou, he discovered that this is a focus on the health of the city, was rarely seen in Xinjiang and red dates, mellow and rich in amino acids and calcium, iron, zinc and other mineral elements of Ruoqiang jujube is few, this let him see the market potential.


found a registered trademark of

small company cooperation

a want to do something about the cause of the heart! After returning to Xinjiang, Tian Feng immediately went to see his small Chen Dunlei, was recommended

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