Ashamed to be able to make a million students in school

now college students are really getting worse, not out of the school gate can earn a lot of money, let us work hard every day, how to work. Today, I would like to say that a college student in their own business, such as this year’s income of up to one million inspirational stories.

sell proprietary website dig first bucket of gold

University by the entrepreneurial income to buy a car to buy a house

2010 years, Liu Xin in his hometown of Nantong when he began to read the Internet entrepreneurship. He was going to art at that time, but did not find a nice interface of art college entrance examination on the web site, so he decided to do their own. Completely rely on self-learning and creativity, the successful operation of Liu Xin’s website, and finally to 5000 yuan to sell, he also dug the first pot of gold.

into the Suzhou Industrial Park Service Outsourcing Career Academy, he is running their own large and small ten sites. The teachers also expressed their support after they learned of his business plan. The school’s entrepreneurial park became his first office, Liu Xin began to develop students to join his team. When the Internet boom is getting worse, he grabbed the opportunity of the mobile Internet, with team members play fun micro-blog, WeChat. During the University, Liu Xin team’s main profit model is to sell them to build the site, operating electricity supplier. When he was a sophomore, he bought a car, near graduation, he and his partners rely on entrepreneurial income to buy a house.

team known as the king of WeChat public number

currently the total number of millions of fans

2014 years after graduation, Liu Xin did not stop the pace of business, he and his classmates went to Beijing, the team through Baidu Post Bar, QQ group, with landing techniques for low-cost drainage, to attract fans, while the development of search tools, every day from the large number of public from the most popular articles, or copy or reprint ensure the retention rate, fans.

2015, Liu Xin was founded in Zhongguancun Xin Xin Network Technology Co., Ltd., the same year in Shanghai set up a branch. Mention full Xin company, people may not be familiar with, but referred to shake a new year sign, look at the answer to the circle of friends and other WeChat applications, presumably we are not strangers. Liu Xin’s team is known as the king of WeChat public number, creating a number of classic examples of social networking services, WeChat’s latest interface myth.

now, Liu Xin aware of the flow of WeChat public number bonus period has ended, the content becomes more and more important. This year, he focused on the original new media coverage, for the breakdown of professional customer base, providing quality information services. At present, the Liu Xin team operates more than and 40 WeChat public number, the total number of millions of fans, has been in a profit oriented recommendation

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