Help rural youth entrepreneurship go further

10 years ago, most of the rural youth dream is to get out of the village to work in the city to make money. 10 years later, more rural youth dream is to start their own businesses at home, both do not have to leave their homes, but also to achieve income, driven by the development of his hometown.

Meishan City, Sichuan province

for business service plan of rural youth on the one hand will hold a national entrepreneurship rich tour report, invite the representative of the national rural rich leaders, into the country, colleges and universities to encourage college students to return home business, provide excellent talents for the excellent rural agricultural science and technology project. On the other hand, for the local construction of rural youth entrepreneurship training base for rural youth entrepreneurship to provide a series of public service. The contents include the formation of youth entrepreneurship mentor team and coaching team, coordination and organization of agricultural science and technology departments to help rural youth entrepreneurship interpretation of national     agricultural science and technology policy, the organization to carry out all kinds of agricultural science and technology training, technology transfer services and carry out cooperation and exchange activities, the function of the basic platform of rural youth entrepreneurship training base.

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