For building Qingdao catering fashion industry Business

everyone has their own pursuit of the kind of life, such as a city, a gourmet food, a poetic life. A city has the unique taste of the city, and the food is their spokesman.

city a taste. Every city has its own food. And the city’s food culture level, is representative of the city’s living standards.

party a soil and water conservation party. But perhaps most of the people in Qingdao have never thought about what it means to be able to define the food in the city where they live.

side is more and more international tide Qingdao style, while it is a roadside seafood barbecue culture. Matching and fashion are the Qingdao delicacy where? The day before, Qingdao building for the introduction of new dishes, more in line with the characteristics of Qingdao, Qingdao

to redefine the delicacy name card!

is the most fashionable catering industry, and for building is always adhere to the "delicacy and fashion", a Daocheng fashion catering guide. The creative dishes, free for diners burst of inspiration, taste the flavor of cooked collision concept: more vivid, more interesting, more abundant, the removal of excess modification, return the dish itself simple taste and sublimation, the most perfect expression of pure color and flavor to dishes.


in the building, you can feel the wonderful blend of traditional and modern delicious tongue in Qingdao ingredients, the heritage of Qingdao practice, while giving the innovative creative beauty dishes, which combines Chinese and Western culture, Zen Art, let diners from vision, taste, nutrition to different physical and mental experience. This is the mysterious – for building the "creative Qingdao cuisine".

product is the most delicious "for" delicious wanton love into the ingenuity, your taste buds. For building innovation brings together the delicacy food, for you to open a delicious enjoy, you come to be brilliant announced.

onion mix big conch

Qingdao authentic local cuisine. For in the building, but also have a distinctive flavour, when the local big conch in fresh shallot and smooth, the impact from taste to taste, the interpretation of the gluttonous realm of harmonious beauty.

radish stew prawns

this is the correct way to open the Qingdao prawns. Fresh prawns, radish soft rotten, soup is thick; fresh and salty with fragrant, soup and a half dishes, delicious and nutritious.

jellyfish stir fried cabbage

this season is the best time to eat jellyfish live, fresh in season. The best place to eat jellyfish is jellyfish

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