Guangzhou City Museum a of state legislation

many people love to go to the museum, because a city museum can well show the local customs, to bring more people to know. Yesterday afternoon, the fifteen session of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, the "Guangzhou Museum regulations (Draft)" submitted to the first instance. This is the first national regulations after the introduction of the National Museum Ordinance, which intends to set up the city, the District People’s government should set up a museum free of charge.

Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress Working Committee esch researcher Li Bin introduced in recent years, the rapid development of the Guangzhou City Museum, showing a thriving situation. Currently the city has a total of 61 museums, including the government’s financial support for the state-owned Museum of 32, non state owned 29.

The most important content of the draft provisions of the

museum is charging management. Bill is intended to provide "the municipal and District People’s Government shall set up the museum free of charge; for construction, protect cultural relics sites not open free of charge, shall be free of charge or other incentives for special groups in accordance with relevant state regulations." There are 32 state-owned museums in Guangzhou, that is, more than half of the museum in Guangzhou can be free or free of charge.

some of the supporting services such as State Museum, free of charge? Li Bin said that the service involved in the museum, including the interpretation of the service charges are currently inconsistent provisions of each museum, then the need for unity, in the direction of free."

collections can borrow


bill also provides minimum requirements for the opening hours of the museum and the weekly opening hours. Clear state-owned museum open to the public throughout the year not less than three hundred days, and the opening time of less than forty-eight hours a week; non state-owned museum open to the public throughout the year not less than two hundred and forty days, and the opening time of less than twenty-four hours a week."

people have always been able to learn more about the museum and learn more about a city. In view of the current Guangzhou City Museum, Museum of individual or even a "exhibition hall is large enough but no collections can be displayed", the bill also has the corresponding countermeasures: one is the requirements of the museum shall prepare a collection plan and annual plans, to ensure the orderly development of collection.

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