2 yuan profit from scratch

business has now become a lot of young people’s life goals at the same time, there are also many different versions and inspirational story of entrepreneurship in society, entrepreneurs often browse some entrepreneurial stories of enlightenment for entrepreneurship.


gupin Qiandai honors to receive graduation card

1991 in the first half of last semester at the HeFei University of Technology computer and information professional, Wang Shufu ready to graduate, because of outstanding achievements, all seem to acquire a thing easily. A month before the exam left when Wang Shufu was sick in bed father illness, Wang Shufu home in the countryside, many brothers, he felt obliged to give up something, and to continue the study, assigned to a Jiujiang military institute. However, Wang Shufu also owed $1250 in school loans, and therefore did not get a diploma.

1993, Wang Shufu decided to break into Shenzhen. He and his wife have the largest property is 1800 yuan deposit. There is no cost to do what Wang Shufu left his wife more than 100 yuan, rushed to the school to redeem the diploma. He found the school leadership, grinding three days of effort, finally 250 yuan relief, and then carries the graduation certificate and the rest of the 600 yuan from Hefei direct Shenzhen.

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