How to decorate dumpling shop

any one shop if you want to attract consumers, not only need to have a good product, quality service, but also need to be able to be recognized by consumers decoration. So, want to successy open a dumpling shop, we need to put more energy in the decoration work. So, how to decorate the dumpling shop?

Chinese people have a special feeling for dumplings, this feature of food, and now has become a fast food market can not be a lack of food. A lot of people are willing to eat a delicious food in the dumpling shop, enjoy the happiness brought by the food, the characteristics of the dumpling shop decoration, but also a lot of people’s attention. How to decorate the dumpling shop? The following details.

how to decorate the dumpling shop? The overall layout of the dumpling shop is an integral whole created by the perfect organization of traffic space, use space and work space. As a whole, the space design of the dumpling shop must first meet the basic requirements of the reception of customers and make it convenient for customers to eat.

how to decorate the dumpling shop? How to decorate the dumpling shop? In principle, the overall layout of the dumpling store is unlikely to have a universal truth, but it does have a lot of rules, and according to these rules, to create the layout effect is reliable. The interior design of dumpling shop is decided by its area.

how to decorate the dumpling shop? Because the modern urban population density, land, so to make effective use of space. From a business perspective, the first thing to consider is the space available to every customer. The hall was crowded with too wide are not good, should be based on the number of customers to the dumpling shop to determine the area of Colonel order is an important factor for dumplings in graphic design.

how to decorate the dumpling shop? Due to the limited space, so many building materials and equipment, should be economic and orderly combination, in order to show the beauty of form. The beauty of form is the harmony between the whole and the part. Simple plane configuration is rich in the concept of unity, but it is easy to fail because of monotonous; complex plane configuration is of change of interest, but it is easy to loose

how to decorate the dumpling shop? The allocation of time, add a more reduction of a matter part removed is losing a sense of harmony. Therefore, the design of the law should be used to grasp the essence of order, so as to obtain a complete and flexible plane effect. In the design of dumpling shop space, because of the space required for the preparation of different sizes, the combination of the use of different, we must consider the appropriateness of a variety of space and the reasonableness of the space organization.

is also a dumpling shop, operating meat may not have much difference, but because of the different geographical areas, therefore, the decoration will naturally be different. In the dumplings "

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