Take the suangua name not reliable

to shop for a good name, but many investors under the original capital. However, if you find a few people to a fortune teller, he will find the way to store the name is not reliable, because almost everyone has their own opinion, before a name quickly was rejected, after a long time also has name. Such torment, can only say that the suangua name really is not reliable.

I met a good friend of Taobao, he told me to buy things on Taobao cheap and good. I practice a few times really good, there is the idea of opening a clothing store.

some of the objectives of the next step, of course, is the implementation, of course, the first step is to give me a good name shop, listening to a friend said the name is very important, related to your life and death in Taobao, said the terrible oh.

to his shop has a good name, may worry me. Had a sudden inspiration, think to try Mr. suangua. Take a look at the calendar and choose a day when you think you are lucky. Results under heavy rain, cough! I caught sight of the duck, don’t mention it.

after a (so-called) fortune, finally a good name. I was so happy that I almost told all my friends about the name of my shop. Not a few days, a female friend told me that the way to help me ask about my shop name when she suangua, that is not good, lack of gold.

I am dizzy, and went to ask the fortune telling, I think he said is also good, listen to this, the result has been a good name and changed. So toss about three or four times, really dizzy, because each of the fortune telling is not the same, do not know in the end what good. An angry, and finally no need to use their own.

think we design clothing is a kind of art, do things must be very special, not the same as others, art plus special, art special. Hee hee…… Think of it, it’s art.

later I figured out, in fact, no matter what you do, as long as willing to heart, willing to endure hardship, willing to work will be successful, the so-called fate and luck are on their own, rather than relying on others. I like suangua money did not spend less, also not a proper name, it is so.

said that although the name is indeed very important, but it is only a name of the shop, as long as we can remember, at the same time can reflect the shops selling products, this name is enough, there is no need to get into the shop.

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